Please note that at least one of the pre-conference organizers should be an EASP Full member. Importantly, EASP does not select pre-conferences nor review or endorse any material presented at the pre-conferences. However, EASP reserves a right to deny associating an event with EASP General Meeting if its goals or program conflict with EASP values (for more, see and 


The pre-conferences to the EASP General Meeting will be held on June 30th, 2023 


Institute of Psychology at Jagiellonian University kindly agreed to provide space for the pre-conferences, free of charge. Institute of Psychology is beautifully located downtown at Ingardena Street 6, near the parks and around a 10-minute walk from the main conference venue and the old town.  


Seven classrooms can accommodate about 25-30 people, four classrooms for 40 people, one classroom for 60 people, and one auditorium for 200 people. Each room has a projector (with VGA and HDMI input) and speakers.  


We will book the rooms on a first-come, first-served basis, starting from October 10th, 2022. Please submit a pre-conference title, the names of the organizers, and the estimated number of attendees to Gabriela Czarnek ( 
Please submit your pre-conference proposal until the end of 2022, if you wish to get support in organizing a preconference. If you hold an independent meeting and wish only to post information on the EASP General Meeting website, this deadline does not apply.


Please note that the building of the Institute of Psychology serves teaching and research purposes and is not a specialized conference venue. Importantly, the lunch or coffee breaks need to be organized outside the building. There are many lunch/coffee break options in the vicinity, and as a local organizing team, we can provide suggestions. Furthermore, we cannot support organizing traditional poster sessions within the Institute of Psychology building. Instead, we suggest exploring alternative formats such as lightning talks or speed poster sessions. 


We can suggest a list of specialized conference venues for those who prefer to organize a pre-conference outside the Institute of Psychology or need larger space than what we can offer. Please contact Gabriela Czarnek for more information ( and explain what your needs are (please include the number of participants you are expecting).

Budget and Fees

Please note that each pre-conference organizers are responsible for their budget, processing of fees, and invoicing. 


If you have any questions regarding pre-conferences, please contact Gabriela Czarnek from a local organizing team. 

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